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l COMMUNITIES NORTH COUNTY BUSINESS JOURNAL x WINTER 2015 x BY emmet Pierce A rtists, businesses, and civic leaders through- out North County have begun working to build stronger links between the arts and the economy. The goal is to work together to expand and enhance existing art galleries, museums, and entertainment ven- ues. Corporations with high-paying jobs want to locate in communities with a higher quality of life. To attract these businesses North County needs to provide oppor- tunities for people to be exposed to the arts, said Daniel Foster, director of the North County Arts Network (NCAN), which was formed earlier this year. "When I look at North County all I see is opportu- nity, not only for the arts but for the diversity of the economy," he said. "It's an easy case to make. It comes down to what people want to do with their Friday nights and their Saturdays and Sundays. How are they going to bring their kids to culture?" Foster holds that the local arts community has the potential to be as great an economic driver as any other segment of the economy, including tourism, agricul- ture, and transportation. "We've got everything that a fully comprehensive arts community would want," he said. "We have per- forming arts theaters and facilities, museums, musical arts, literary arts." THE ARTS AT WORK n BUSINESS AND CIVIC LEADERS SEE A CLOSE LINK BETWEEN THE ARTS AND FUTURE ECONOMIC PROSPERITY "Life without art is a very dull existence," says photographer Aaron Chang of Ocean Art Galleries in Solana Beach. fi

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